Around a quarter century ago, Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs made a strange beat. It had a majestic intro from an old '60s soul record, and foregrounded an ear-piercing saxophone screech. The producer recorded it in his aunt's garage, and tried to pass it on to his groupmate B-Real, and Ice Cube, and even Special Ed, who all said no. So it ended up with House of Pain, Cypress' "brother band." "We were like, 'Give it to the white boys,'" remembered Cypress' Sen Dog. So House of Pain (Everlast, Danny Boy, and DJ Lethal) ended up with "Jump Around." 

You know the story from there. The song came out in May of 1992, and became a phenomenon. It rocketed up to No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, stayed on the charts for 30 weeks, and had people perpetually (and mistakenly) thinking Everlast was from Boston because he sported a Celtics jersey in the video. To this day, the track is a favorite at parties, ballgames, and anywhere else people want to, well, jump around.  

To celebrate the song's iconic status—and to give you the perfect soundtrack for St. Patrick's Day—Everlast and Muggs have teamed up for a special "25 Year Remix" of "Jump Around."

For this version, Muggs re-made the track from scratch, replaying all the music and adding a newly recorded verse from Everlast. The duo also brought along some help in the form of Damian Marley and Muggs' Gems From the Equinox collaborator Meyhem Lauren.

"I had a blast remaking 'Jump Around' with Muggs 25 years later," Everlast told Complex. "And the fact that Damian Marley and Meyhem Lauren are part of the the new record is icing on the cake!"

Muggs was likewise thrilled to have a chance to revisit one of his most popular creations.

"I had to celebrate one of the biggest songs in hip-hop history with a re-record to commemorate this classic," he explained. "And to have the legend Damian Marley, a new verse from Everlast and Queens finest Meyhem Lauren just made it a classic all over again ."

You can check out "Jump Around (25 Year Remix)" above.