DJ Envy stormed out of The Breakfast Club Thursday morning after he confronted Desus and Mero about a comment they made about Envy’s wife.

“We’re gonna start with this,” Envy said, “You owe my wife an apology.”

However, neither Desus nor Mero knew what Envy was talking about, and asked why they owe her an apology. Envy explained that the two “insinuated that she was only there for the check, on your show [Desus & Mero],” adding, “My wife has known me since 15, before I had a dollar. She was making more money than me. So to insinuate that she was there for a check or she was good with Envy’s check, is a disrespect to me and her.”

Still, the two comedians didn’t recall the comment, citing that because they do four shows a week, everything blurs together. They asked if Envy could run the Desus & Mero clip.

On an episode of Desus & Mero from Feb. 15, the duo showed a snippet of DJ Envy and his wife Gia Casey on the talk show The Real. Envy stated that, “I was Raashaun at home but on the streets, I was DJ Envy,” to which his wife remarked, “I didn’t know DJ Envy.”

The comment in question is when Desus responded, “But you knew them DJ Envy checks though.”

Afterwards, Desus and Mero both asserted that it was a joke, and apologized. However, Envy wasn’t having that. “You can talk about me all day, you can make jokes at me, but when it comes to my wife and family, it’s a little disrespectful,” he declared.

Mero—who has a family—asked Envy if he really thought the comment was disrespectful. Envy said yes, adding that his wife thought it was disrespectful too.

While there’s no video of Envy walking out of his show, the interview with Desus and Mero continued with Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God. As they were all discussing Envy's departure, Charlamagne noting, “He could have just sat out the interview like I did Troy Ave,” to which everyone laughed.