Desiigner is off the hook for allegedly exposing himself, thanks to footage deemed too far away from the incident to tell for sure, according to TMZ.

The case pitted the Brooklyn native against a motorist who claimed the rapper exposed himself after an argument on a busy street in New York City. Detectives on the case finally received the footage they wanted from surrounding buildings last month. But despite that break, law enforcement says since it was filmed from so far away you can't tell if whether or not it's actually Desiigner. Sources told TMZ the people in the video look "like ants."

In the original footage of the incident shared across social media, Desiigner is seen in some sort of verbal altercation with another person. He gets out of his own vehicle, walks up to another car, and pulls his pants down. That footage also didn't do much to help authorities, since it doesn't show a clear shot of any exposed private parts. What's more, the driver who alleges being on the receiving end of the flashing didn't cooperate with investigators. Because there's no clear and damning shot of the rapper exposing himself, it looks like the charges aren't going to stick.