The breadth of content available for exploration fuels Brockhampton fandom. It’s not just that their music makes young people feel seen, or the way the group adeptly maneuvers social media and press without appearing contrived or inauthentic (things like album announcements and single releases are concerted but also impulsive). There’s depth in the variety of personalities, talents, and voices that the band offers. There are storylines that stretch across skits and interludes, and short films are available for the insatiable—it's an effort that understands that the internet is always ready for more content, and fans will always notice when there's something worth picking apart.

For example, take the structural patterns that connect the three Saturation albums. They all start with a bombastic track and end with a ballad that hinges on bearface's sweet vocals. The first album, I, has 17 tracks, and all of the song names are in caps and have four letters, except for the last song, which has five letters. The next album, II, has 16 tracks, and all the song names are in caps and five letters, except for the last song which has six letters. And III has (you guessed it!) 15 tracks and, again, all songs names are in caps and have six letters, except for the last song which has four letters. “Team” not only closes the loop of the trilogy in title length, but the sample at its end calls back to the opening track on I

In a TRL interview, the band was asked about the song title pattern, but played it coy.

The band that shares much in vlogs, interviews, and TV shows, but also understands the value in withholding. The hints and mystique are there for the kind of fan who reads everything there is to know about their favorite artists and follows them on all social media. It also is primed for generation of internet discourse that embraces discussions and scrutiny over the clues and misdirections dropped in HBO shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld, or the rabid, internet-fueled fan theorizing of Lost.

Relatable content is not unique to Brockhampton, but they simply outpace other artists in the scope of their vision. The stories they spin are narrated in music, skits, music videos, and short films, all of it potentially connected. 

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