It looks like the court skills Bow Wow had in the 2001 film Like Mike didn't all the way translate to real life after he lost on Lil Durk's $10,000 basketball challenge. He posted a clip of himself taking yet another loss on Instagram. The video looks like it might have been from various points during the game, both before and after he lost.

The one-on-one was full of playful trash talk after the fact, and Bow Wow even had a few of his own excuses as to why it went down the way it did. It looks like this is the second matchup for the pair based on Bow Wow's caption. "Me @durkioworld finally got in the gym," it reads. "This shit aint over bro! U may have won a lil pocket change but i need mine back." 


As Lil Durk continued to brag in the background, as anyone would, he offered up a yet-to-be-schedule rematch.

Of course, this comes after Bow Wow's apparent win in a shootout against Lonzo Ball last week, something he admitted "means a lot" to him. Since Shad seems to be in the news far more for his online antics and basketball exploits than music, we can always wait to see who he attempts to post up on next.