As promised earlier this year, Azealia Banks is back with brand new music leading up to the release of her Fantasea II: The Second Wave mixtape with the single "Movin' On Up," streaming on Tidal. With production from dance duo Newbody, Azealia flips effortlessly between rapping and crooning over vintage vibe house production. It's the perfect re-introduction to an artist who is known for flexing her lyrical and vocal muscles across a variety of sounds and styles. 

Recently, Banks took to Instagram to share that her next album will be "the album of the year across all genres," and that Fantasea II will reconfirm her position as one of music's most talented women. Banks' ability to glide seamlessly between genres can't be ignored, and it's something that will hopefully provide her next project with a strong enough backbone.

With a new record deal in tow, this is the perfect time for Banks to redeem herself amid the usual social media controversy that follows her. Fantasea II has no concrete release date yet, but it's set to drop sometime this year and will reportedly boast features from former Spice Girl Mel B and Busta Rhymes.