The video for ASAP TyY's new song "Hit the Top" reflects the brutal reality of street life—a theme that's intensified by the unforgiving conditions at the video shoot itself.

TyY and his crew shot the visuals while they were in Paris during a severe cold streak. "Myself and my manager flew out of NYC in January during a wild snow storm," ASAP TyY tells Complex over email. "I remember my manager saying, 'Just get my ass to Paris.' We shot the video over three days in the freezing cold in Paris. I'm from NYC so I'm used to the cold, but this cold froze you to the core."

"We would only do 20-30 minutes on set shooting before getting back to base camp to de-freeze," he adds. The chilling conditions enhanced a Jim Steel and Robert Trefois-directed video that plays up TyY's raw, urgent delivery.

With Antoine Asumani taking director of photography duties and co-direction from Michael Duda, the crew made stops in iconic Paris locations during their stay. TyY says, "The scene where we filmed a lot of the video was in a hotel room that James Brown stayed in several times. Overall the video was very organic, Jimi the director and my manager who co-directed, helped me bring my vision to light."

Watch the premiere of ASAP TyY's "Hit the Top" video above.