UPDATED 6:45 p.m. ETA legal representative for Rackboy Cam gave Complex a statement regarding his lawsuit against YFN Lucci. Read it below.

We have decided to pursue this action because previous discussions between Rackboy Cam and TIG to do what is right were unfruitful. We can’t allow the continued infringement of Cam’s rights. This is not about money, this case is about the principal of doing what is right and preserving the integrity of music.

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YFN Lucci is facing some legal trouble after allegedly flipping a 2015 song from Jersey MC Rackboy Cam into his own infectious 2017 bop "Everyday We Lit."

According to legal documents obtained by TMZthe suit claims that YFN's song is practically the same as Cam's "Everything Be Lit" from just two years prior. Aside from the obvious likeness of the track titles, the hook from YFN's song is suspiciously similar to Cam's song. YFN chants repeatedly over the hook, "Everyday we lit, everyday we lit yeah" while Cam professes, "We lit, we lit, everything be lit." The lawsuit also notes that the melodies of both songs bare a significant resemblance as well.

Most of Cam's claims seem legit enough, but he might have a harder time with one grievance in particular that states the themes of YFN's song were lifted from his single—in both songs the rappers brag about their cars, chains, and their "girl"—but realistically, what modern-day rapper isn't plugging all three of those elements on the regular?

Lately, YFN seems to be embodying the self-fulfilling prophecy of his 2017 single, collaborating with major rap stars, chilling at All-Star games, and allegedly wooing Lil Wayne's daughter, but this new lawsuit might just complicate a few things. The documents pertaining to the suit prove that Cam isn't willing to back down so easily. He reportedly wants a judge to halt all sales of the record henceforth, pull the song from the airwaves, and turn over any profits YFN has made off the song. 

Listen to YFN's track "Everyday We Lit," and Rackboy Cam's "Everything Be Lit" below, and compare for yourselves.