Late last week, Trey Songz turned himself in to the Los Angeles police over a domestic violence charge. After posting his $50,000 bond, he was freed just two hours later, and was posting on social media of his innocence. Now, 50 Cent is chiming in with his own opinion on the matter.

The rapper weighed in on the assault allegations against Songz that were made by Andrea Buera—a woman who had supposedly dated Songz in the past—calling it a "money play" in an Instagram post. 

In the post, 50 makes the broad claim that "everyone knows" Songz never hit Buera, and that it's clearly a ploy to get some money. He included the hashtag "#thesehoescrazy" to bolster his point.

Buera has alleged that the attack she suffered sent her to the hospital with a concussion, and says Songz went after her because he's been made aware she was now talking to one of his friends. The two had been spotted together at an NBA All-Star party previously, but there are still some inconsistencies in the story that make this one a little murky.

But 50 is sure he's justified in his support of Trey Songz. He posted a second picture to Instagram of Buera and Lisa Bloom from a news broadcast along with the caption "They dead serious about getting this bag."