Some people took issue with 03 Greedo's recent comments about older artists, specifically his defense of Lil Xan's assessment of 2Pac as boring. Greedo, whose excellent new album The Wolf of Grape Street dropped last week, told Billboard Monday that he believes older artists should also do more to stay connected with younger generations. Wednesday, Greedo addressed the backlash and confirmed he does not give a fuck about it.

"Y'all can say what y'all want," he said on Instagram. "Y'all can be as mad as you want. Just do that shit in person. I don't wanna hear no tough shit on no damn internet. N****s asked me a question, I answered it. ... That person's name, I never would have never even mentioned them. Why would you mention someone from a generation before someone that died when I was in elementary?"

Greedo also addressed the situation on Twitter, joking that 2Pac would be on his next album:

In the original interview that started it all, Greedo—who's 30—pointed out the tendency of some older artists and critics to automatically write off younger talent. "N****s that have passed my age by like four or five years, after it gets more than that I'm like, 'You a bitch.' You feel me?" he said. "It's not about old n****s, but it's about old n****s from those years. That's how the world was, and the world's not like that no more."

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