Young Scooter has dropped off another track from his upcoming project Trippple Cross

The latest single, titled “Bail Out,” finds the Atlanta artist linking up with Youngboy Never Broke Again, where they share their come-up and reflect on their respective rap sheets.

“2004, I caught my first felony/I got caught up on the block, 200 sacks of weed,” Scooter spits. “2008, nigga I can’t even make bail/2006, I had my son and I was broke as hell/2009, I start increasing my clientele.”

You can listen to “Bail Out” below.

The song arrives one week after Scooter released the Trippple Cross’ title track featuring fellow Atlanta artists Future and Young Thug. Scooter spoke about the project in a recent interview with Billboard, explaining the meaning behind its name.

“An example of being triple crossed is if me, you, and another person rob a bank and split a million dollars three ways. If we pull off and switch cars but then we pull over to get gas and I tell you, 'Go in to pay for the gas,' and I pull off wit the money, you've been triple crossed,” he explained. “But there's a thousand other ways to be triple crossed—it's not only in the streets. Businesses triple cross each other every day.”

Trippple Cross will mark Scooter’s first full-length release since 2017’s Jugg King mixtape. The project is set to drop Feb. 23. You can pre-order it now on iTunes