EBay has always been a place to score some swag, but one seller is selling what may be the coolest item on the online auction site to date. Former Minneapolis studio owner, Chris Moon, is selling his co-writing credit to Prince’s 1978 debut single, “Soft and Wet.” The asking price? A causal $490,000.

Moon gave Prince quite the break in 1976 when he opened his studio to the legend while he was just a student at Central High School at the time. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer recorded his first solo demos at Moon’s studio, including the one up for sale. “I’m nearing retirement age, so I’m selling off some of my assets,” says Moon.

It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind deal, since very few of Prince’s songs have co-writing credits. There’s also the fact it’s being sold on eBay, which isn’t exactly the industry standard. However, Moon has “had very good luck with eBay in other business ventures,” so why not? Moon also says he likes “the element of surprise” of selling the song on the site, as well as the fact that the sale is “really open to anyone.”

All novelty aside, owning part of “Soft and Wet” may not be that much of an wise investment. It's not exactly "Purple Rain." “Soft and Wet” peaked at just No 92. on the Hot 100, and the album on which it was featured was one of Prince’s poorest-selling records.