Cardi B’s anti-Crip slur in an Instagram post caused the reality star turned rapper to receive death threats. But as someone who similarly flaunts his set affiliation, Sneaker Shopping guest YG didn’t express too much concern about Cardi facing any type of gang-related violence when she hits Los Angeles for NBA All-Star Weekend.

“Hey, the homegirl straight,” YG told a TMZ reporter when asked if it was a safe move for Cardi to appear. “She get love from me.”

YG might be a bit biased on the matter, given that he let out a hearty, “So Woo” and directed the TMZ interviewer to check out the red lights on his SUV’s ground kit before answering the question. “Soo Woo” is a known Bloods call, and of course, they typically wear red. Also, anyone who has listened to his 2014 track “BPT” or has seen Still Brazy's album cover can make a pretty educated guess as to where YG’s loyalties lie.

Cardi has since deleted her caption, which referred to the Crip color blue as “flue,” so things may have calmed down. Plus, an artist with a former No. 1 single setting off gang violence with an Instagram caption would likely reflect poorly on all parties involved.