Valentine’s Day—who needs it right? Definitely not Wale.

In his new song “All Star Break Up,” strategically dropped the day before the overrated holiday, Wale asserts that he doesn’t “believe in Valentine.” On the track he opens up about his relationship with a gold-digger-esque woman who seems to have taken advantage of the D.C. rapper, procuring some designer bags and Fenty Beauty products before bouncing to chase after basketball players—hence the name “All Star” in the song’s title.

Speaking of basketball, the NBA All-Star Game takes place in Los Angeles on Sunday. My guess is Wale won’t be there.

If you need a track that will help you marinate in the bitterness that comes with Valentine’s Day, definitely take a listen:

As pointed out by Hip Hop N More, Atlantic Records is interestingly not listed as a label for “All Star Break Up.” The release only includes stamps by Maybach Music Group and Every Blue Moon, which puts into question the status of Wale’s contract with Atlantic. It’s unclear if the rapper is no longer with the label, or if this single was simply not released directly through them. Complex has reached out to a rep for comment.

Wale has also been in the news for his ongoing beef with curdled mayonnaise Tomi Lahren. The two recently shared an internet tussle over Jay Z’s interview with Van Jones on CNN.