Tyga's new album KYOTO will begin its existence Friday. But first, he's sharing the new video for "U Cry."

The video, directed by Riveting Entertainment's Arrad Rahgoshay, sees Tyga looking back on his times with a woman he loves "like February" even though "it's like June now." See the video in full up top.

Wednesday also saw the premiere of a new episode of Everyday Struggle featuring Tyga. During his appearance, Tyga chopped it up about recent news highlights, his relationship with Birdman, and his new album. Catch that below.

Tyga's 14-track KYOTO album features collabs with Gucci Mane, Tory Lanez, and 24hrs, as well as previous single "Temperature."

When Tyga first unveiled the KYOTO cover art, crafted by illustrator Hajime Sorayama, he was met with a decidedly strong reaction. Annoyed by TMZ after the unveiling while out in Beverly Hills, Tyga urged detractors to keep an eye out for more. "I love it," Tyga said last month. "It's a art piece, you know? It's definitely an art piece. It's the beginning. Just keep watching."

This week, he spoke on the inspiration behind the KYOTO cover. The "hybrid creature" at the cover's center, he explained, is actually part of a decades-old creation of his. "I wasn't asked to do it, it was just a piece I drew back in the day as I liked," he told Highsnobiety. "It probably would have never surfaced and would have been buried, so I'm really happy that Tyga came across this particular piece."