As we approach the release of Tory Lanez’s Memories Don’t Die album, the Canadian artist decided to give fans a little taste of what not to expect.

On Thursday night, Lanez hit up Instagram with snippets of tracks that were intended for the project, but ultimately failed to make the final cut. The rapper played clips of the so-called “throwaways” in six different videos, which also revealed titles like “Sandy Beach,” “Loose Leaf,” “Telephone,” “Trey and Tory Wrist Watch,” and “Bus Stop Dreams.” It was a pretty diverse selection of records that included bangers, slow jams, acoustic tunes, and some Spanish-language singing.

“I see what it is. Niggas thought I ain’t have nothing for the Spanish niggas,” he said in part five. “[…] I got songs for everybody. Stop sleeping, nigga.”

Fans liked what they heard. Some even asked Lanez to put the tracks on a mixtape so they won't go to waste.

​You can check out clips of the “throwaways” below. 

Memories Don’t Die, which is the follow-up to Lanez’s 2016 debut album I Told You, is expected to drop March 2. The rapper-singer spoke about the project during a recent interview with Zane Lowe.

“Lyrically and just the writing of the songs, I just think is at another level. This time, it was more so about like every piece of vulnerability and every piece of truth and things that people just want to know,” he said. “But the artists just never says—I just gave them that. That's why this album is called Memories Don’t Die, because the memories of this album will never die because [of] how honest it was. And just, at that point that it's going to drop, just in music, you're just never going to forget the memory of this.”