In January, Too Short was sued by Teana Louis for sexual battery, sexual harassment, gender violence, gender discrimination, as well as false imprisonment.

The rapper immediately denied the allegations and said the whole thing was "blatant outright extortion." But, according to TMZ, his legal situation has only become worse in the following weeks. Louis reportedly believes that his response was an attempt to "further her victimization" and discredit her. In response to his comments, she has filed additional documents in the original assault case, claiming that he defamed her with his remarks.

The comments Louis takes issue with come from a short video uploaded by TMZ on January 22.

"It's a lot man," Too Short says in the two minute clip. "It can only be extortion. It's not anything else. They want money. For a while there, I thought it was something other but now I know for a fact it's all about money. So, my only choice is to counter sue for slander and get a restraining order and anything else to just get this out of my life."

Louis is specifically upset with the fact that Too Short said the lawsuit is all about money and tells TMZ that the video humiliated her.

This isn't the first time Too Short has been accused of sexual assault. He adamantly denied a separate round of allegations in March of 2017 by writing, "I have never had nonconsensual sex with anyone, ever. I have directed my lawyers to vigorously combat these ridiculous claims."