One of the most memorable moments from The Notorious B.I.G.'s certified diamond final album, Life After Death, was The Mad Rapper, who somehow made his way on the album, throwing all kinds of shade before "shade" was the term everyone used. We ended up getting his first album, Tell Em Why U Madd, in 1999, and since then he's made sure to keep the rap game on its toes, one slick comment at a time.

Almost two decades later, The Mad Rapper is back with "T.A.N."—an acronym for "Thugs and N#%%@s"—which finds TMR bringing the fury over a furious instrumental produced by himself (under D-Dot Angelettie) and Riz Delux and taken from his forthcoming project Appreciate The Hate - Pt. 3. From throwing shots at Kanye ("Somebody better tell Kanye lay off the burgers") to marking his disdain for Trump supports ("All you Trump supporters, motherfuck your borders, we know you're scared the Black man will Mandingo your daughters"), "T.A.N." isn't for the meek. It even features 2Pac dropping gems in a spoke word interlude.

Word is there's a video for this verbal assault on the way, but until we get that, get your grown man on and check out The Mad Rapper's latest. You might learn something.