Rich Brian kicked off his album release date in an epic way — a performance on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Off of his album, Amen, Brian performed  "Amen" and "Cold" last night. The performance starts off simple with Brian standing behind one mic and spitting off rhymes. But, about one minute in, he switches up for "Cold." Brian takes off his jacket to reveal a purple tuxedo while the lights brighten up to show an old-school movie wheel and a bedroom set behind him. He even shows off some smooth dance moves around the mic and plays a little "air piano" with the music.

Rich Brian, who recently changed his name from Rich Chigga, dropped his debut album today (Feb 2). In an interview with Complex, he spoke about what listeners can expect from the project.

"A lot of the stuff that I'm talking about are experiences that I've been going through, like being in America for the first time and going through all of these things, and then past experiences of growing up in Indonesia, and just being with my family," he said. "Also, the name of the project is Amen. It's because I say “Amen” a lot, because I'm a very optimistic person, but at the same time, you can never be too confident about things because who knows what's going to happen?"

We hear that. Check out the performance video above and stream Amen over at Pigeons & Planes here.