It's no secret that Drake's longtime collaborator, producer Boi-1da, has been an instrumental part of the rapper's mainstream success. The Toronto native produced Drake’s 2009 debut hit “Best I Ever Had,” the 2014 anthem “0 to 100,” the Rihanna-assisted track "Work," the Views' single “Controlla"—the list goes on. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Boi-1da discusses his relationship with Drake and touches on the recent success of “God’s Plan,” which he co-produced. 

"God's Plan" is Drake’s latest record-breaking hit. While that track, with its charitble new music video and consecutive, four-week placement at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, seems to be snagging all the mainstream attention, Boi-1da also took time to discuss “Diplomatic Immunity,” the other song coupled on the surprise Scary Hours drop at the end of January.

“They got attention on different levels," Boi-1da explained. "‘God's Plan' is a massive, catchy, radio-friendly song that can easily be played in the club. ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ was a record where Drake got a lot off his chest. That's a statement.”

What was it that Drake had to get off his chest? A lot, apparently. In the four-minute track, Drizzy talks about everything from the transitional period of his thirties to Jennifer Lopez to his residential zoning laws. “People love ‘Diplomatic Immunity’—some people love it just as much or even more than 'God's Plan,'" Boi-1da continued. “I'm never mad that one record does better than another because they're done for different purposes. The purpose of ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ was to feed the hardcore rap audience. ‘God's Plan’ was to feed everybody.”

Read the full interview with Boi-1da here.