Swedish newcomer Shaqdi is ready to bring her own fresh, touch to R&B executed impressively in the video for her debut single "Colorless" which debuts exclusively on Complex. Based in East London, the emerging songstress grew up in a small town in Sweden with a mother who was a classical pianist. Having learned to play the piano and violin since the age of four, she later moved to Stockholm to study music, developing her songwriting and production. Speaking about what brought her to this point she says, "I needed time to find my voice and develop my sound. Today I am a strong and proud woman. I know what I'm doing, and I know what I want, and I'm ready to let people in and listen to what I wanna say with my music."

With a five track EP of the same name as her debut single set to be released in May, as well as more singles and creative videos before that, the songs express who she is, giving an insight into her life. "Colorless" is a fine example of her creative vision, showing her riding around her London area, and hanging out with friends while she sings, I'm just gonna hang with my friends in the light of the moon with a spliff in my hand. With alluring vocals that, it makes you wonder what else she has in store before the EP drops.