Grammy winner Oumou Sangaré released her album Mogoya (which translates as 'people today') last year to critical acclaim and has recently announced details of a remixed version of the LP (due for release on Mar. 2) which includes a remix of the track "Minata Waraba" by none other than soul-pop crooner and producer, Sampha. The track, premiering on Complex today, complements the album's overall sound of drawing on the rich musical heritage of Sangaré's Malian background, while also looking into the future.

Speaking on his reasons for wanting to be a part of the project, Sampha told Complex: "My dad had a copy of Oumou's album, Worotan, and no other album has spoken to me quite like that. Her music had been a huge inspiration ever since and it's a real honour to have remixed some of her music."

Being such an influential part of the artist's musical upbringing, it will be interesting to see how the rest of the album sounds, and if you're waiting to hear more music from Sampha in 2018, this isn't a bad place to start.