If smooth, laid-back R&B is what you're into, then Matt Woods' new track "Rearview" is what you should be listening to. Today, his first official video is debuting on Complex and, in it, he uses the creative aesthetic of a video game to tell the story of love and loss, possibly alluding to the fact that sometimes people in bad relationships see love as just that: a game. The video game visuals also take inspiration from Woods' childhood growing up in Newquay when, at that time, his dad owned most of the arcades in Cornwall, as the production reminded him of the sounds of the arcades he used to hear in his childhood.

Speaking on the track, Matt Woods explains that it's "built around this idea that as you put more and more distance between you and somebody else, they appear smaller and smaller, but no matter how far you drive away from them, they never fully disappear." Lifted from Woods' tentatively titled forthcoming Fauxstalgia EP, "Rearview" makes for easy listening while exploring themes that we all go through at some point in our lives.