Hailing from Manchester, Kin Kai is an MC on the rise who comes off the back of his well-received EP, Mellow Mermaids & Malibu, with a set of visuals today for one of the project's standout cuts in "Treasure". Here, Kin Kai's lyrics are thoughtfulas are the soulful vocals of singer K S R, and both artists flow effortlessly over Glue70's dreamy backdrop. Kin Kai told Complex via email: "Treasure' is just me recognising beauty in women. I feel like there's a stigma that black men don't appreciate their women, so this song was really an ode to black women, to show some of us do."

He adds that "the concept of the video follows a similar story but, with this narrative, I chose to paint my face blackas I'm attempting to highlight the girl's disinterest in me because of my very dark skin colourfurther pushing the colourism conversation into play." Peep the Warby101-directed visuals up above.