South London's finest, Henry Wua leading light in the British jazz scene who's also making new waves with Kaamal Williamshas drawn one from his vaults for Serato and Lefto's double LP, My Friends Make Music Too.

Positioned as a compilation for DJs "who look beyond the obvious bangers", Wu's contribution is naturally far from that. "Uzbekki Driver (Uber Tales)"which he describes as "original essence business, broken up"comes complete with influences past and present. Beginning on a wavy, spiritual tip ("this one's for our parents man, this is emotional man…" drawls the vocal sample), it's not long until the funk stabs head straight for your solar plexus.

And just as you're settling into the groove and perfecting your jazz-fuelled skank, rest assured: the journey's not over. As the sax drops in to take you that little bit higher, it might just be time to finally deal that pull up—listen exclusively below.