Can't get no sleep / Don't know what to do / I got those midnight blues

If you're feeling restless this Friday night, take a touch over six and a half minutes out of your life and give this new banger from Leeds producer Denney and his late friend J.A.M.O.N. In the time it takes for the cooler than cool vocals to kick in, "Jam On It" will have pushed you into calling up the weekend warriors and heading down to the club. Bouncy, infectious and dripping in allusions to the classic house music of the late '80s and early '90s.

"J.A.M.O.N and myself had been discussing on working together for about a year and after a while he sent me these vocals to use. At the time I wasn't sure on the direction to take the record in so decided to sit on it for a while. However, shortly afterwards, Jamon became unwell and tragically passed away. A few weeks later I found the folder of vocals on my computer and decided to still make the record with them in his honour. The result is "Jam On It" which is a straight up party record and does the damage on the dancefloor (which I know is what he had in mind when recording them).

"I'm really pleased that it has been released on Saved as it was the label I had my first ever release on back in 2005 and a very fitting home for it. This record is made to make you dance and is dedicated to the very talented and sorely missed Jamon Jaleki and his family." 

"Jam On It" is due February 16 via Saved Records.