Shots rang out Saturday night at a Nipsey Hussle party celebrating his latest album Victory Lap.

The album release soirée took place at World on Wheels skating rink in Venice, California, which Nipsey became the owner of last August. As reported by TMZ, shots rang out in the parking lot around 11:30 PM, hitting one person in the thigh. By the time police and helicopters arrived, the assailants already fled the scene. The police weren't able to gather any information from the gunshot victim who refused to cooperate with their line of questioning. Nipsey's team told Complex that the rapper was not present during the incident as he was performing at YG’s "The Boogie" concert.

One witness who chose not to be named spoke to HipHopDX about what she saw. “I was walking to the ATM [at the Bank of America near the venue] and I heard bullets start flying by,” the witness said. “I heard casings hitting the ground. I saw people falling down. It was like mass hysteria. I couldn’t see who got shot. We just started running and didn’t look back. I just kind of heard it happening. I couldn’t really tell how many people got shot because so many people were falling. Everyone scattered and were climbing over each other to get away.”

This is the second bizarre incident the rapper has been involved in this weekend. The rapper's Victory Lap promotional truck was towed from his Los Angeles clothing store because it had allegedly been parked illegally in a handicap spot. When cops ran the plates, they discovered his tags were expired and impounded the vehicle. Nipsey and his people insist that he wasn't parked illegally and that the cops were just toying with him.

The shooting is still under investigation by LAPD.