Nipsey Hussle and YG first dropped plans to release a joint album back in 2013. Fast forward five years later, the project still hasn't materialized thanks to each of their busy schedules. Thankfully, it appears we won't have to wait much longer.

In a chat with Billboard on his album Victory Lap, Nipsey spoke about the stalled collaboration. The rapper confirmed that their solo careers have been the focus up until now, but by no means have given up on their joint album."The idea is definitely not dead. Life happens," he said, "He got a solo career and I got a solo career. He got a kid and I got kids. That’s something the West wants, and we’re gonna do it, and we’re gonna call it 'America’s Most Wanted.'"

As it turns out, Nipsey revealed that some of his previous songs with YG like "FDT" were actually intended for the collaboration tape. "''FDT' was for the YG and Nip Hussle album, and you heard how crazy that shit came out? He put that on the album and was like, “Fuck that, I’m done.” And I understand that. Those sessions were sessions for the collab project." He said. "We went into Mustard’s studio every day. Young Thug came through. A lot of songs that wound up on different projects happened in there."

While he did not give a release date for AMW, we can only assume it will be a while before they make it happen. YG just announced the title of his next studio album, Stay Dangerous, and Nipsey's still working hard to promote Victory Lap, which just debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 this week