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Jay Worthy and Sean House, a.k.a. the duo known as LNDN DRGS, are back with a pair of cuts from their latest release, Burnout 3, which dropped at the top of 2018. Their latest video, which pairs two of the release's strongest tracks ("Leave the Game" and "Mystery") is a perfect introduction for anyone wondering what the LNDN DRGS sound was like this time around.

The video kicks off with "Leave the Game," which finds Jay Worthy detailing how even if he's getting money one way right now, his past life isn't that far in the rearview. The scene switches quickly, with Jay getting more comfortable to mob in the streets with his squad for "Mystery."

Word is that we can expect to hear more from LNDN DRGS in 2018, including some kind of work being put in with Curren$y AND Freddie Gibbs? 2018 about to be insane, but before we get any of that, we need to appreciate the throwback-R&B sound that Burnout 3 is drenched in. Check out the Limited Vision-shot video for "Leave the Game" and "Mystery" up above, and if you haven't, dive head first into Burnout 3 below.