Currently placed under house arrest and with rumors of crazy record deals flying around, it's unclear what Lil Pump is planning in regards to releasing new music. He just appeared on 24hrs' bouncy new single "Lie Detector" earlier today, but as for solo output he's a free man as far as music goes, just not when it comes to being able to leave his house. However, he's still teasing what's to come from the looks of his social media.

Thanks to DJ Akademiks on Instagram, the preview has been shared on his account so it can be seen by those not looking at Pump's Instagram story. The post, which he initially shared Thursday, sees Pump delivering his signature flow atop a really goofy but fun as hell sounding beat. It's sounding tonally different to that of his huge smash "Gucci Gang," but it could definitely have the same impact whenever he decides to drop it.


#lilpump previewing a new song. Does it sound 🔥🔥 or 💩💩

A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akadmiks) on Feb 23, 2018 at 7:35am PST

Following the preview of the track, Pump shared another story telling fans to comment "eskeetit" on his most recent Instagram pic. Hopefully that's the name of the song, too, so he can finally immortalize his famous ad-lib.