After dropping a couple singles in early February, Oakland rapper Kamaiyah maintains her 2018 energy with the new track “Hennessy on Ice,” released on Tuesday. “Just don’t let my shit get warm / Keep my Hennessy on ice,” she raps in true, laid-back Kamaiyah fashion, over a bouncy, softened beat.

This month, she released the SOB x RBE-supported song “Seasons,” and “Through the Night,” featuring Michael L. Angelo, both via SoundCloud. Earlier this year, Kamaiyah also appeared in a new Sprite commercial alongside LeBron James, where LeBron acts as the pitcher and Kamaiyah, the catcher.

In January, the Oakland MC teased a collaboration with Schoolboy Q, which we still have yet to see. She dropped her most recent project Before I Wake in Nov. 2017. Prior to the release of the project, Kamaiyah told GQ that her fans will expect to see two offerings in the coming months. “I’m working on putting out two projects, Before I Wake and Woke. Conceptualized! No features. All me,” she explained. “I’m picking up my speed—the momentum I took a deficit toward.”​

Kamaiyah is slated to perform twice during Coachella, on April 15 and April 22, so hopefully we get that second project sooner rather than later. Still, she has said on multiple occasions that she doesn't rush herself to drop new music.

“Most people make the mistake of putting out records prematurely, and then it don't sell and the record label looking at them like, ‘What the hell? We put all this money into that,’” she said during a 2016 interview on 106 KMEL. “Don't even think that I'm just a one-hit wonder. Everything is strategically planned with me. I always know what my next move gonna be.

Either way, we’re still waiting with bated breath for her collaboration with Schoolboy Q.