Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's son Silas will never play football.

Timberlake was asked about his two-year-old son during a Super Bowl LII press conference Thursday afternoon, revealing he'd of course support him in what he chooses to do, though a career in football is seemingly not the leading option. "Oh, that question," Timberlake said when asked if Silas might follow in his footsteps by getting involved with music when he's older. "I'd rather not think about it because he's about to turn three, but he did come to rehearsals yesterday and I was shocked at how quickly he could cover 100 yards. So, it runs in our family. Speed runs in our family."

Timberlake then joked about joining the NFL himself, prompting a question about his son doing the same. "He will never play football," Timberlake said. "No, no." Timberlake added that his "main objective" as a parent is just to ensure that his son becomes a "great person" and that he would fully support his son in either "the arts or sports."

Though Timberlake's remark is extremely reasonable given the brutality of the sport, and could just as easily be interpreted as a joke, football zealots will likely have a series of conniptions after hearing it. Screw 'em.

See more of Timberlake's press conference above. His new album Man of the Woods, featuring the Chris Stapleton-assisted "Say Something," is strategically being released tomorrow.