If you've been waiting impatiently for a Justin Bieber and Jay Electronica collab to land in your Apple Music library, then you're about to have a great February. In a new Beats 1 chat with Ebro Darden, the incomparable Poo Bear announced that he has a Bieber and Electronica-featuring single dropping later this month.

The track, tentatively titled "Hard 2 Face Reality," is possibly merely the finished version of an in-progress track that found its way online some time ago and was once mentioned by Bieber himself. Still, Jay and Justin on the same track? That's worth writing about. 

Elsewhere in the interview, Poo Bear discussed his upcoming album Poo Bear Presents… Bearthday Music and working with Bob Dylan. Poo Bear also outlined his current approach to songwriting, which he says represents the marrying of two seemingly disparate ideas:

simple melodies that are easy enough for a kid to sing along with, but still smart enough to stimulate a Harvard scholar's mind​

Poo Bear put that approach to good use on Bieber's 2015 album Purpose, which boasts the Bear touch on tracks like "What Do You Mean?" and "Where Are Ü Now."

Annoyed by MTV News on the Grammys red carpet last month, Poo Bear revealed how far along Bieber is on writing sessions for a Purpose follow-up. "I can just tell you that, Justin is a perfectionist, I'm a perfectionist, Scooter [Braun] is a perfectionist, and our team, we're just really trying to step it up and make sure that we deliver a message," he said. "Not just deliver music, but make sure it has meaning and purpose—no pun—a bigger meaning. We wanna keep reaching the kids and reaching everybody, and inspiring people to be great."