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Jim Jones might be in the market for a new gym. On Monday afternoon, the Dipset rapper shared an Instagram video in which he accused the staff at L.A. Fitness of racial profiling. The footage was shot at the chain’s Los Angeles location on S. Flower Street, where employees apparently refused to let Jones charge his phone on their computer.

“So, I’m in LA Fitness and I’m trying to get a charger, and they’re trying to kick me out and terminate me,” he said in the video while confronting two employees. “The lady lied on me. She said that I gave her the middle finger in L.A. Fitness, and then she tried to tell me that I’m getting terminated for me asking for a charger in L.A. Fitness. I have yet said anything to anyone. I haven’t raised my voice to anyone. I haven’t did anything to anyone. So, right now I feel like I’m being profiled in L.A. Fitness.”

Near the end of the footage, a staff member at the desk can be heard saying, “Oh, all of a sudden you’re the victim?” Jones then turns to him and replies, “I am the victim. So tell me what I did?”

Jones explains in the caption that he’s been a member of the gym for about four years and that his experience has been generally “good”; however, he said the situation escalated when a manager approached him to discuss the issue with the phone charger. He said he declined to speak about the problem, and instead told the manger to tell his staff what is the proper way to deal with customers. While he was leaving the facility, Jones claims he waved his hand “good bye” to two of the managers; however, one of them claimed he flipped them off. Jones said he did no such thing and suggested he was treated unfairly because of his race.

“I did not make u work at la fitness, u chose tht urself,” he wrote. “So the least U could do is be helpful and courteous to all ur customers no matter color race what clothes there [sic] wearing weather u like rap or country music […] it's no science class and it's not Fort Knox, it's the gym, a place people go to get intune [sic] wit there mind body n soul.”

The staff at the L.A. Fitness on S. Flower Street declined Complex's request for comment.

You can check out Jones’ full statement below.