A few months ago, footage was circulating that appeared to show Dipset rapper Hell Rell on the streets of New York moments after a fight. This weekend, his string of bad luck continued as video surfaced of him getting jumped by multiple men while eating at a Chinese restaurant.

It has yet to be revealed what caused the attack, but the video is more graphic than the first clip and shows Hell Rell getting knocked out of his chair and punched repeatedly.

After the incident, Hell Rell took to social media to show that he's fine and vaguely comment on the incident.

"Ni**a run up, he get hit," he says in a short video. "Ni**a play with me, he get hit. No more games. Gloves off on these sucka ass ni**as, you heard? Look at me, man. Look at my handsome ass, man. Do I look like I'm playing with you ni**as?"

So far, the response on social media has been overwhelmingly in Hell Rell's favor. Fans are upset to see him getting jumped in front of what appears to be his family. Others are disgusted at the fact that his attackers took video of the incident. See some reactions below.