Emil Nava is in the director's chair for Eminem's latest.

"What does love mean to you?" a voice asks at the opening of Em's new video for "River" featuring Ed Sheeran. "My personal life is not exactly a highlight reel," Em, staring directly into the camera, answers. "If you don't have the trust element, you're fucked," Sheeran adds. The rest of the video builds on these elements, as you can very easily see for yourself without reading about it by watching the video in full up top.

Fittingly, Em's team has been promoting the video for the latest Revival single using the hashtag #UNHAPPYVDAY.

Last week, a video purporting to show Em with a new "girlfriend" started making the rounds. Amid some fan theorizing, it was revealed that the allegedly leaked video was actually just viral marketing for today's "River" drop.

For his recent Complex cover story, Em reflected on the nearly two decades worth of music he's put out since breaking through with the Slim Shady LP. "I feel like one of the things I'm very aware of and I think pretty in tune with, is I know that with me, the rage isn't there," he said in December. "I don't have the rage I did when I first came up. I was just coming out of my situation in life, so I was salty about a lot of shit and had a lot of rage and just said whatever was on my mind, but I don't know if I was as able to be as technical as I am now."