Over the weekend, Floyd Mayweather celebrated his 41st birthday with a number of high profile friends of his. Everyone turned up to join him in having a good time, including Wiz Khalifa and Mariah Carey among others. Not content with just celebrating on the Saturday, the party continued through to Sunday, too. TMZ is reporting that Drake made an appearance during Sunday's festivities, and he did so on rollerskates.

Because Mayweather isn't content with just one party, he threw a third party on Sunday for his birthday, taking over the World On Wheels rollerskating rink in Los Angeles. While skating around, the DJ for the place played his loosie "Right Hand," which made for a bit of a funny sight. Drake skated along to his own song, and he didn't seem to be too bad at it, either. He wasn't doing all the flashy moves Mayweather was pulling, but he still knows how to skate well from the looks of the video.

Drake decided to hit up the arcade section of the venue later on, and he met up with a bunch of friends including French Montana. It's not clear if Drake hit up Time Crisis or House of the Dead after playing the basketball free throw game, but it's fun to imagine if he did.