Diddy Urges Aspiring Rappers 'Don't Be Part of the Noise'

Diddy sent out a 'message from love' last night on Instagram for all the aspiring rappers out there.

Diddy decided to drop some words of wisdom onto the 'Gram Tuesday night, sharing a "message from love" to all the aspiring rap artists out there. "Every artist has to be unique in their own right," he said, preaching into his front cam.

"I guess I'm trying to say if you're going to be in this game be great, because you can also be part of the noise," he explained further. 

There's been tons of debate over creativity being scarce in rap as of late, with everyone from Joe Budden, to Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg giving their own hot takes on the issue. In the post Diddy shared, however, he seems to be coming from a genuine place of concern for the culture, rather than taking cheap jabs at the youngsters. In his caption he writes, "I don't want the culture to get diluted. Artists have to be special, you have to be unique."

People sounded off in the comments voicing their own opinions, praising Diddy for keeping it real, or flat-out shading artists they thought were guilty of what Diddy was cautioning against.

Keeping it on a positive note, Diddy ended his Tuesday night musings with a message of positivity: "With that said, all you young inspiring rappers out there, and R&B artists and singers, and dancers keep doing your thing and be special."

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