Dessa is set to release her new album Chime on Feb. 23, and fans get a taste of what's to come today with "5 Out of 6."

"Don't blink, I don't block, I'm a bleeder, all I do is hit/I don't win 'em all but I'd say I take five out of six," she spits over the production. The performance fits seamlessly beside recent releases "Fire Drills" and "Good Grief."

"I wrote most of the lyrics for '5 Out of 6' on foot, making long, late loops through Central Park and around my neighborhood," Dessa told Complex via email. "I listened to the beat on repeat in my headphones, trying out different rap patterns and vocal melodies, jotting down anything that felt promising. A lot of walks didn’t yield any material—the beat was so unusual that I couldn’t find a way to ride it. But when I arrived at the line I’m the phoenix and the ash, I knew I had what would be the heart of the song. These lyrics reconcile sensitivity with grit—they’re about being the sort of person who makes herself available to the world, and who sometimes get hurt by it, but holds her position all the same."

Check out a stream for "5 Out of 6" above or the video below, and pre-order Chime on iTunes.

Image via Doomtree Records

Dessa kicks off an accompanying tour on release day in Duluth, Minnesota, with additional stops in Chicago, Detroit, and Seattle across her nine-date trek stateside; she'll also be hitting select dates in Europe, as well performing a few shows at SXSW this year (March 15 and 18). For more info and ticket purchase visit the Doomtree official website.