The generation gap in hip-hop and the culture's ever-changing mores and rules are constant topics of conversation. So naturally, they became subjects of a Complex Con(versation) at ComplexCon 2017. The panel was hosted by Everyday Struggle co-host DJ Akademiks, and featured new and veteran artists as well as journalists talking about how and why hip-hop has changed. Panelists Rick Ross, Cam'ron, Young M.A, KYLE, and Complex's own Brandon "Jinx" Jenkins discussed the new norms in fashion, MCing, beef, and more.

When it comes to style, Ross noted that hip-hop's staggering growth means that you can no longer tell where someone is from just by how they dress. "The culture became so big, we past that," he said of regional styles.

Talking about rap, Young M.A lamented the state of the game. "It's not just about the music now. It's about going viral," she said. She also coined the term "tweef" when talking about the propensity of rappers to beef on Twitter instead of on wax. 

KYLE, for his part, stressed originality. In fact, he said he basically has no choice but to do his own thing.  

"I don't feel pressure to act like other people or rap like other people, because I just can't," he explained. "I'm not ever going to ever going to be able to put on chains and become the Migos."  

Watch the full conversation above, and keep it locked to Complex as we'll be sharing more ComplexCon(versations) panels featuring the likes of André 3000, Lena Waithe, Ryan Coogler, Virgil Abloh, and more.