While I put part of the blame for making the girl from the "Cash Me Ousside" meme Danielle Bregolli a thing on myself, Bhad Bhabie's rise isn't on me. It almost felt like as the 15 minutes of meme fame died out, Bregolli transformed herself into a whole ass rapper, and hate it or love it, she's banking off of that. One of her recent singles, "Hi Bich," got a proper remix, and while most heads were wylin' over Bhad Bhabie's slick Iggy Azalea diss, the youth loved that she somehow got new school rap darlings YBN Nahmir, Asian Doll, and Rich the Kid all on the same track. It also spawned this insane tweet (note: the horse and the woman it fell on in the original video are both OK).

Even horses get lit to the #HiBichRemix 😩🤣 @BhadBhabie pic.twitter.com/Pkog24VQ5x


Today, WorldStarHipHop premiered the video for Bhad Bhabie's "Hi Bich" remix, and it's pretty much what you'd expect from one of these affairs. We've got fast cars, lots of rapper hands and middle fingers, and Bhad Bhabie standing on the roof of someone's house. One thing that was surprising was that instead of YBN Nahmir being in the video (he drops the first verse in the remix), we get a new verse from MadeinTYO, who is all up in the video. When the preview dropped on Bhad Bhabie's YouTube page, and throughout the WorldStar comments, fans are mostly wondering where Nahmir was. Bhad Bhabie seems to have addressed this with a tweet on Wednesday evening.

i had to kick a bich off of hi bich replaced him wit a better bich now its all good bich 🙃

— #HiBichREMIX (@BhadBhabie) January 31, 2018

There's no indication what may have sparked the need to replace Nahmir with MadeinTYO, although it looks like Nahmir has been on the road, tweeting clips of him in Philly and Toronto. Maybe he wasn't around for the shoot, which appears to have been shot fairly recently?

.@BhadBhabie on set of the #HiBichRemix music video with @ImAsianDoll. Also has a new verse!!! pic.twitter.com/5wU47xJ4O9


Either way, Nahmir seems to be good, with his own slapper "Bounce Out With That" racking up the views as well.