It often seems like Azealia Banks has found fame in her affinity for starting feuds—with everyone from Iggy Azalea and Cardi B to Pharrell and Remy Ma—rather than through making music.

On Wednesday morning, she took to Instagram to declare that she’s "miles ahead" of any other female rappers. However, she didn’t point to any rappers, in particular, perhaps so as not to offend anyone this time around.

"All jokes aside," Banks wrote on IG. "Azealia Banks will have the album of the year across all genres. I will have the best female rap album this year and for years to come. Broke with Expensive Taste is miles ahead of anything any currently active female rapper is doing, has done or will do for the next 20 years, and Fantasea Two will be a reconfirmation of the fact that I am one of the most talented women in music, PERIOD. Absolutely no shade to female rap…but this is and has been my art war since '212' dropped. I’m the only true artful competition in female rap. I’m entirely too versatile…entirely too limber of a mind to be beat."

The photo’s caption further illuminated her thoughts. She wrote: "You lot love to inquire/make jokes about my mental state but there is a richness and heightened state of being that comes along with being a bit loosely assembled. Endless, Boundless, Creativity."

Banks’ controversies have led many to believe that she suffers from mental health issues, a topic she openly addressed with Complex in December. Earlier this month, she announced she signed a brand new million dollar deal with Toronto-based eOne Music. Banks split from her last label Prospect Park Records in 2015. Her upcoming project Fantasea II: The Second Wave is reportedly arriving in March.

Her latest claims are, of course, causing a lot of reactions from fans. Check some of those reactions out below.