It's officially Valentine's Day, which means we're about to get a bunch of mushy love songs from some of our favorite artists. To balance this out, 6lack has returned with "Cutting Ties," a breakup song that builds on the dark romantic themes of his excellent 2017 debut album Free 6lack.

Over brooding, atmospheric production from OZ, 6lack sings somber lyrics about ​cutting ties and wanting to be alone. The song ultimately builds to a crushing outro: "One, two, been thinking long and hard this morning / Three, four, it's hard to focus when a ni**a's on it / Five, six, times that I shoulda had that convo, yeah / Seven, eight, could you be gone by tomorrow?"

Valentine's Day has been referred to as "the straw that breaks the camel's back" by relationship experts who noticed an increase in breakups during the month of February, so this might actually be the perfect time for a song like "Cutting Ties."

The single marks 6lack's first offering since his Timbaland collaboration "Grab The Wheel" in December 2017. You can listen to "Cutting Ties" on iTunes/Apple Music now. It's also available on Spotify.