WESLEE are a low-key singer-producer duo fronted by lead singer Emma, who hails from London, alongside producer Josh. Relatively new on the scene, their music is an R&B/electro-pop hybrid, with both members bringing their best talents to the table—Emma's voice is delicate but expressive and is enhanced further by Josh's production chops. WESLEE were first discovered when debut track "Gassed" was used during an episode of TV show You're The Worst, and subsequently earned a spot on BBC Radio 1's coveted Hottest Record In The World segment; a similar tactic was adopted for recent release "Boy Like You'', initially unveiled at the end of Grey's Anatomy. It's a savvy way to unveil music and maintain the mystery behind their identity, while simultaneously being able to reach a global audience. 

A must-hear: "Gassed"

"'Gassed' was the first WESLEE song we ever made. There was no WESLEE before 'Gassed'. We had been working together for a minute writing for other people, never with the intent to become artists ourselves! But when we cooked up 'Gassed', something just felt different, and we've been rolling with it ever since."—WESLEE