Birmingham, Alabama rapper YBN Nahmir can't escape drama following the viral success of his breakout song "Rubbin Off the Paint." The 18-year-old rapper recently performed a show in Toronto, and videos surfaced from the show with the crowd chanting "Fuck Tay-K." Previously, it was believed that Nahmir was dissing the 17-year-old "The Race" rapper Tay-K on "Rubbin Off The Paint," but Nahmir clarified in an interview with Say Cheese TV that there's no beef.

However, with the video of the "fuck Tay-K" chant making the round, the rumors of the beef have heated up once again. In a video DJ Akademiks posted to Instagram, Nahmir has doubled down on his claims of there being no beef. He says the crowd did it on their own accord and that he's not about fostering any beef with Tay-K. "I ain't say none of that shit," he repeats multiple times in the video, laughing while doing so.

The beef originally stemmed from a line in "Rubbin Off The Paint," in which Nahmir raps, "Free Lil Tay, know he keep a 'K, but he not Tay-K / I up the chop and let it blow him, watch this bitch heat his face." In his interview with Say Cheese last year, he said, "It's no beef with Tay-K... Free Tay-K on my momma. My big brother—his name Tay. He was locked up and shit. The second [line] was like, 'I up the chop and let it blow him, watch this bitch heat his face,' and they probably thought I was talking about Tay-K. But no, that’s for anybody."