Taylor Gang leader Wiz Khalifa recently dropped the video for "Letterman," the second single from his late-2017 project, Laugh Now, Fly Later. The clip mixes college sports, cheerleaders, and school spirit with Wiz's favorite and most lasting muse: weed.

Beyond his real first love, Wiz talks about his haters and, of course, makes reference to former Late Show host David Letterman, rapping "Still gon’ talk like Letterman/Girls at the front door, let ’em in."

The visuals get a little trippy, with stop-motion effects and cheerleaders bringing it all together for the 808 Mafia-produced single. The rapper tweeted out the clip earlier on Tuesday, and even hinted that the sweaters in the video, emblazoned with the word "Doobies" across the front, will soon be available as official merch. No word yet on his letterman jacket, though.

The video's sports theme makes even more sense when you consider how serious Wiz got about MMA training in 2017, according to TMZ Sports—no doubt a big factor in his transformation from super-slender stoner to slightly-more-fit Wiz. 

You can watch "Letterman" above.