If you grew up in a big city, you already know to steer clear from buying random street mixtapes. Because let's be honest here, nine times out of 10 they end up being trash. But despite all of this, Wale is still attempting to be a mixtape hustler (kind of).

The rapper appeared on Sunday's episode of HBO's comedy series Crashing, where he tries to sell one of his mixtape copies to the show's star Pete Holmes. "That's you boy, $10," he says. "Yo, man, help me out. Man, I've been on the corner all day, all night. It's smokey as shit out here. Ain't no bitches out here, the police harassing a nigga, all that shit, man."

Yet Holmes clearly isn't interested, which makes Wale pull out the good ol' race card. "Oh! Okay. Aight, okay. I see, I see what this is," he retorts. "Another white man taking advantage of another brother, huh? It's always a racial thing in America. And your white guilt is showing all over the place."

Check out the hilarious clip below.

When he's not working on his acting chops, Wale is busy working on new music. Earlier this month, he teased that he's back in the studio with his buddy J. Cole. Wale posted an Instagram story of a recording session along with the caption, "Working on new vibes." The longtime friends have a handful of collaborations together, with the latest one being 2015's "The Pessimist."