2018's unlikeliest rap beef continues.

The new year started with Skillz firing off a diss song at Uncle Murda. Skillz, who had been putting out an annual year-end "rap up" song since 2002 summing up the previous 12 months in rhyme, didn't like that Uncle Murda, who started a similar tradition of his own in 2014, was disrespecting the originator. Murda had claimed in an interview that he had taken the year-end roundup crown. So Skillz rapper released "Murda Gram (Uncle Murda Diss)," which took four-and-a-half minutes' worth of shots at Murda.

Now, Complex is sharing Uncle Murda's response, "Why You Mad?" 

"I responded just to hurt his feelings some more," Murda told Complex about the track. "He’s a sensitive rapper and I'm honestly looking for bigger fish to fry; he's not even on the appetizer menu."

You can listen to "Why You Mad?" above, and check out the rappers' competing year-end 2017 summaries here and here.