God isn't real. Satan isn't real. The only person worth praising is yourself. That being said, this story about Trent Reznor's neighbor is really something.

Reznor is seeking a restraining order against his neighbor Nader Afshar, TMZ reported Tuesday. Afshar allegedly "expressed his hatred" of the Oscar-winning Nine Inch Nails frontman to a friend as they were leaving Reznor's Los Angeles home. According to the report, Afshar also shouted out something about some "Satan" individual coming to "get" Reznor.

During a separate Dec. 24 incident cited in the TMZ-obtained legal documents, Afshar was spotted outside donning a Santa hat and generally disheveled attire. Reznor, who was outside with his children at the time, reportedly saw Afshar pacing the sidewalk while saying something about how wealthy people "can do anything they want" but "the Lord will get them in the end." As a result, Reznor successfully requested a judge tell Afshar to keep "at least" 10 yards away from his family and staff. A hearing is set for February.

On the creative front, Reznor is presumably busy with the final entry in Nine Inch Nails' trilogy of EPs that began with 2016's Not the Actual Events. The five-track release, featuring contributions from Dave Grohl and Dave Navarro, was followed by last year's Add Violence. A third EP is expected at some point this year. In a chat with the Village Voice last July, Reznor said viewing the three releases as a united work will give fans an "interesting narrative that feels important and relevant to what is happening in the world right now."