Tory Lanez is ready to open up in his sophomore album Memories Don’t Die. In a new interview with Zane Lowe, Lanez discussed the inspiration for the album, and shared a few of the album’s guest features, which include 50 Cent, Fabolous, Future, and Nav.

“Lyrically and just the writing of the songs, I just think is at another level,” Lanez told Lowe. “This time, it was more so about like every piece of vulnerability and every piece of truth and things that people just want to know. But the artists just never says—I just gave them that. That's why this album is called Memories Don’t Die, because the memories of this album will never die because [of] how honest it was. And just, at that point that it's going to drop, just in music, you're just never going to forget the memory of this.”

Lanez also directly addressed any disharmony between him and his Toronto hometown: “I did a record with Nav, finally like you know, I never really did nothing with not nobody from Toronto yet.”

When Lowe followed up and mentioned that Toronto has been “tricky” for Lanez, Lanez responded, “It hasn’t been tricky, Toronto has been lovely… I love everything about our city. I’ve always loved all of the music despite all of the controversy or what everybody said on the left side to the right side."

He added: “That's something I have expressed in previous interviews and things that I've said. So it's never really been tricky, it's just for me, I just feel like this is more a year for me to finally open up.”

Lanez also mentioned that 50 is set to “assist” in a movie that Lanez is making for the album. Memories Don’t Die is slated to drop on March 2.